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Head of Logistics at Andes 2 Amazonas

Alexander von Ungern is a swiss guy living in La Paz. He entered Bolivia in 2008 for the first time with his bicycle, crossing the southern boarder with Chile. It took him 7 days cycling through the Siloli desert and the Salar de Uyuni before he reached the first village! No doubt he has been pretty impressed by these never ending landscapes, yet presenting more highlights than one can expect. In the meanwhile he became father and founded his own travel agency called "Andes 2 Amazonas". He however still finds the time to continue exploring the region, climbing the different volcanoes, checking his birdlist, and developing new circuits. The south lipez region remains among his favorite, and if you ask him, he'll tell you that it is a "must see" within a lifetime.


While most other travel agencies all offer exactly the same tour, Alex takes a special pleasure to organize tours which leave the mainstream, or at least the rushhours, as he personally better enjoys the beauty of nature when the crowds are left aside.

Paola Varinia Aramayo de Cartagena

Paola is in charge of the logistics of our journeys. She is the one organizing your tickets to/from Uyuni and contacting drivers, guides, cooks, hotels and refuges, making sure that the trip will unfold smoothly. Paola knows most of the places you will visit by herself. She does however not guide in the region and is therefore the contact person in La Paz (cel +591 72081359). 

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