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Among the many volcanoes in the region, some get more attention than others.  The views that they present while climbing them is one reason. The access is another one. As many of them harboured sulphur mines until the late 80's, there are still some abandoned roads leading pretty far up. For example the Uturuncu volcano has the highest road worldwide leading up to 5700m.


Climbing a volcano in the region is perfect to alternate with the hours spent in your 4x4 vehicle cruising through the wide open landscapes. It gives you also a different perspective as the pace is much slower. You thus will have time to appreciate the fauna and flora and see the landscape from above.


The minimal number of days to include the ascent of a volcano is 4. Adding 2 extra days, the tour includes high altitude volcano (Uturuncu 6008m or Licancabur 5924m). For some of the volcanoes, the company of a local guide is compulsory eventhough you joined for a none guided tour.


Some climbers take profit of the beautiful region to acclimate before climbing higher summits in Bolivia. Please have a look at our other webpage dedicated to Mountain climbing:


Among the volcanoes we offer are :


Licancabur 5924m

Tunupa 5421m

Uturuncu 6008m

Ollagüe 5827m

Pabellon 5531m

Volcano climbing

volcan Licancabur 5924m

volcan Tunupa 5412m

volcan Pabellon 5532m

volcan Uturuncu 6008m

volcan Ollagüe 5827m

Irruputuncu volcano, 5176m

When joining for a guided volcano tour we work exclusively with UIAGM/IFMGA certified mountain guides. They know a lot about the andean mountain range, its geology, weather, fauna & flora and have experience to recognize Altitude Sickness in its early stages.

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